I’ve gotten some random suggestions here, on Twitter and on Facebook for the title to Drew and Jenny’s next book.  Feel free to post your ideas here.  If I like it and decide to use it – winner, winner, chicken dinner!  I’ll buy you something. Something cool, because that’s how I roll.
There’s still time to enter the rafflecopter for the signed books giveaway so get on the stick!
And, I updated my T.E. Sivec page with the full summary for my romantic suspense book coming out soon.  Book cover has been ordered and I’m one step closer to publishing it!  I also added a Goodreads page for T.E. Sivec so go friend me.  I need friends.  Be my friend or else.
Have a good weekend everyone.  Do everything I would do but make sure you invite strippers.  They’re fun to hang out with, or so I’ve heard.  From a friend.