Things I Learned in NYC


As you know, I spent the weekend in NYC at an awesome signing.  I had a blast.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s a little recap of my time there.

1. NYC is the city that never sleeps.  And neither do I.  I think I got about 5 hours from Thursday – Monday.

2. When I have a fake mustache, apparently I look more like a catfish than a dude with a mustache.









3. When Karina Halle asks you to do a shot, just say no.  You’ll think it’s something fruity and yummy and it will turn out to be Jameson Whiskey.

4. If you plug your nose when you do a shot of Jameson, it still tastes like pure gasoline.

5.  When Ellie Smith takes you into the bathroom to do a shot, it will not be something fruity and yummy either.  It will be Jack and it will burn the nostrils.  It will also make me scream “OMG!  I JUST GREW TESTICLES.  MY BALLS JUST DROPPED.”













6.  Claribel Contreras doesn’t always do Irish Car Bombs, but when she does, she sips them slowly until we scream at her.  And then she continues to sip them slowly.

7.  Everything is funnier when you talk like the Dos Equis dude.  Especially when you get this from your BFF’s husband at 4am:









8.  When Kyla Linde and I take pictures, we always pose like we’re going to prom.












9.  When Kyla photobombs my pictures, she looks cute.  When I photobomb her pictures, it looks like I was the twin she ate in the womb, trying to break free.













10.  When people came up to my table at the signing and said they hadn’t read my books yet, and I told them they were dead to me, they didn’t run away in fear.  They either bought a book or promised to read me next.  In summary, I love crazy bitches and crazy bitches love me.  Word.

11.  If you ride in a taxi bike for the first time after too many glasses of wine, you will fear for your life and your BFF will try to molest the driver.  And lose a shoe.

12.  If you ever get into a NYC cab with THIS guy, get right back out immediately.  Because when you tell him to “be aggressive” in stopped traffic, he will ram into the back of the car in front of you and then you’ll have to get out and run when the cops come.

photo (32)












13.  When you leave the Hilton through the stairwells, you will find this sign.  As well as piles of discarded clothing.









14.  After several glasses of wine, everyone will look like Justin Beieber, but none will be rocking out THESE shoes.













15.  Mr. Wilder will buy you coffee and pose for pictures like these because he’s awesome.




Procrastination is my Be-otch!


Every morning when I wake up, I tell myself I’m going to write at least 3 chapters of my current work in progress. The number one problem with that is, I have 3 current works in progress and my brain literally hurts just thinking about them.  Problem number two – shiny things. Like Go ahead, take a minute to look at that website. All female mullets, all the time.

Okay, stop looking at the mullets and come back to me. And number B, contrary to what some people think, I don’t get to just sit and write all day. There’s answering emails, conference calls with editors, outlining, promoting, marketing, giveaways, book signings, trying to remember if I put on pants when I woke up, Googling to see if hookers give receipts, and getting into an argument with my assistant and my accountant that buying a hooker absolutely falls under the “research” category.

I’m going to take a moment to let you know what I’m working on so that you don’t think I’m just sitting here Googling hookers. While inspirational and fun, it’s not productive. So, here we go, in no particular order.

*One manuscript finished (out of 3 total) for my Amazon Publishing deal, the Fool Me Once series. Romantic comedy/suspense. Think Stephanie Plum but with my brand of humor and hot sex. These 3 books will be out in 2014. I know, it’s a long way off, but these things take time when you’re with a traditional publisher and have a team of editors and production assistants who need to look over everything. So, if I want anything for my fans to read before February 2014, I need to write these books at the same time as other, indie books. (still with me?)

*Writing 2nd manuscript in the Fool Me Once series, as well as editing the first manuscript.

*Writing Gavin’s book as a spin-off to the Chocolate Lovers series. Yes, if you haven’t heard the news, Gavin is getting his own book! It will not be part of the Chocolate Lovers series. That series is finished. I’m not sure yet if this will turn into a series or if Gavin’s book will just be a stand-alone. I’ll know when I type “The End”.

*Writing the 3rd Playing with Fire book. If you read the excerpt at the end of Because of You, then you know Austin and Gwen’s book is next up. The tentative title for that one is “Worn Me Down”.

Right now, I have NO publication dates set for Gavin’s book or Worn Me Down. I’m hoping *fingers crossed* to have Gavin’s book out by the first week in October. Maybe sooner, depending on how distracted I get by hookers.

So yeah, my brain has the hurts and I have no idea what day it is. And yet, I’m still thinking of other things to do. Like this post. Which I’m thinking of turning into a weekly update/inappropriate fun thing. Today, for your viewing pleasure, I am going to review something I heard about the other day. So sit back, grab a drink, and try not to throw up.

Name of item up for review – V-Steam

Let me just take a moment and give you the “official” description of V-Steam, taken from the Renew Physical Therapy website:
“Vaginal steam baths, or “bajos” as they are known in Spanish or “chai-yok” as they are known in Korea is an ancient remedy for enhancement of female pelvic and uterine health. Think of this luxurious modality as a facial for your lady parts. V- Steams are natural and non-invasive; it’s just steam and natural herbs rising into your vagina.”

Did you catch that??  VAGINAL STEAM BATHS.  A facial for your vagina.  Also taken from that website: “the steamy mixture of brewing herbs rises up into your vagina; warming and soothing everything in it’s path.”

Steamy mixture, rises up into your vagina?  Oh holy Jesus.  I don’t…I can’t even…this is just…I can’t.  Basically, you sit on a specially designed chair (I’m picturing something akin to a cushioned toilet seat) and this herbal mixture RISES up into your vagina.  Rises up, into your vagina.  Steamy herbs.  I don’t know what kind of steamy herbs and I don’t know if I WANT to know.  When  I think of herbs, I think of oregano, parsley, and cilantro.  I’m sorry, but my vagina does not need a salsa steam bath, even if it does come with a side of Tostitos.  I’m guessing those aren’t the herbs they use.  Probably better smelling things like rosemary and lavender or something.  But still.  Herbs in your vagina.  STEAMED HERBS IN YOUR VAGINA.  I’m not sure if you’re really grasping this procedure.  You sit on a toilet and something is shot up into your vagina.  Okay, maybe not shot up there.  That would sting the vagina.  And as you now know, this is all about SOOTHING the vagina.

And let’s talk about that name: V-Steam.  I’m guessing this was invented in Hollywood and it’s all the rage with Kim Kardashian and shit.  Something like this doesn’t need a pretty name like V-Steam.  Just call it what it is.  Vagina Vapor, Pussy Parboil, Snatch Simmer, or Beaver Brew.  If I were to get something like this (when hell freezes over and pigs fly) I would be loud and proud and demand a BEAVER BREW.

And can we just stop with inventing weird things?  Just…stop.  I get it, it’s supposed to help with infertility and a bunch of other things, but really?  Isn’t your vagina steamed enough when your significant other doesn’t use a condom?  That stuff is warm, and pretty soothing.  Am I right?  I have a better idea.  Tell your husband/boyfriend/one-night-stand to chow down on some lavender and lilacs before he goes to town.  Simple, cost effective, and you don’t have to walk into a spa and ask for a vagina steam bath.  Out loud.  This could provide for a very interesting evening though if you’re out with your girlfriends and have had copious amounts of liquor.  Walk into a spa and tell them your vagina needs a facial.  And make sure to take pictures of you sitting on the vagina toilet with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, a bottle of beer in your hand, a mud mask on your face and cucumbers on your eyes.  See if they’ll give you a two-for-one deal.  Party between your legs, business on your face.

This week’s question: Would you ever get a V-Steam?


10,000 Likes Celebration & Giveaway


10,000 likes on my author page you say?  Well, that’s cause for a celebration and a KICK ASS giveaway from a few of my favorite people!  Thank you so much for liking me.  It’s amazing that 10,000+ people can stand me.  I love you all!!  

And a special thank you to my author friends for all of your amazing donations – please make sure you “like” all of their Facebook pages 🙂

Prize #1 – Signed paperbacks & swag packs (open to US residents only)
One lucky winner will receive the following:
* Tara Sivec:  Chocolate Lovers special edition signed paperback & swag
* Maggi Myers: The Final Piece signed paperback & swag
* Tiffany King: No Attachments signed paperback & swag
*Jillian Dodd: Stalk Me signed paperback & swag
*Andrea Randall: Ten Days of Perfect & Reckless Abandon signed paperbacks & book charm swag
*Michelle Pace: Fury & Perpetual Quest signed paperbacks & bookmarks
*Priscilla Glenn: Winner’s choice Back to You or Emancipating Andie signed paperback & swag
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Prize #2 – ebook bundle (open internationally)
One lucky winner will receive the following ebooks-
*Tara Sivec: Winner’s choice Tara Sivec ebook
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*J. Sterling: Winner’s choice of The Perfect Game, Game Changer or any other J. Sterling ebook
*Melissa Perea: Seeds of Hate ebook

Prize #3 – Gift Card (open internationally)
One lucky winner will receive the following-
*$25 Amazon Gift Card

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NYC Signing Information



If you are attending the NYC signing in 2 weeks, please note that I will only have the following books for purchase at the event:

Seduction and Snacks
A Beautiful Lie
Watch Over Me 

I do have copies of Futures and Frosting, Troubles and Treats, and Because of You, but I will only bring them if you let me know that you want them by commenting on this post with your name, and which one(s) you’d like.  I’ll put your name on the book(s) and hold them at my table for you.

Can’t wait to see you all there!


Seduction and Snacks Hits 1,000+ Reviews!!


OMG, YOU GUYS! 1,000+ Amazon reviews for Seduction and Snacks??!! How did this happen?! I am blown away!!! As a HUGE thank you to all of my awesome fans, I’m raffling off a signed Chocolate Lovers series bundle with a bunch of swag. You guys are the best fans EVER! Thanking you for reading and reviewing Seduction and Snacks!

Click here to enter the raffle: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Photo Contest Voting


Here it is folks, the Watch Over Me photo contest!!!  Look through all of the entires (which are numbered), and then vote for your favorite one in the poll below.  Voting will end on Friday and I will announce the winner of a signed copy of WoM, swag and $10 Amazon gift card on Saturday.  Wooohooo!  Thank you to all who entered!



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Watch Over Me Charity Event

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I struggled with myself for over a year on whether or not I would write and publish this book.  I also struggled with whether or not I should tell people that this book is for the most part, a true story (save for about 5% or so).  After receiving SO many amazing emails from people who have read this book and thanked me for writing it, I am so glad I made the decision to release it.  Your emails have touched my heart and made me so grateful that you have embraced this book.  Thank you so much for your continued support and for reading a book that is my heart and soul.  I wanted to find a way to give back and since I can’t come to each of your houses and give you great big hugs, I decided on the next best thing.  I will be donating $1 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for every copy of Watch Over Me purchased on Amazon between now and the end of the month.  Ebook or paperback, it doesn’t matter.  The most important person in my life wasn’t able to find a cure, but hopefully someday, a cure will be found.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.