Welcome to My New Site!!!


Isn’t it soooo pretty?!!!  I can’t stop staring at it. My PR people have been hard at work for weeks getting this up and running and I’m so glad I can show it to you now! So take a look around and make yourself at home 🙂

Okay, on to other important crap.  Worn Me Down (Playing with Fire #3) is going to be out in 15 days.  FIFTEEN DAYS!!!  This is my romantic suspense series filled with love, danger, suspense and hot Navy SEALS.  The books do NOT end in cliffies because I freaking hate those damn things! Each book is about a different SEAL team member and can be read as a standalone, but you won’t want to do that 😉

And  because I’m so excited about the release of Worn Me Down, I’ve put the first 2 books on sale so everyone can get caught up before January 21st.



Let’s see…what else…OH! Have you signed up for my mailing list yet? You should totally do that. Since Facebook sucks and limits the posts you see, I’m going to start sending out newsletters so that you’ll be able to see what contests I’m a part of, what new releases I have coming out and all that other fun stuff.  So make sure you go here and sign up:


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