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Happy July everyone! I’ve got something new coming on August 11th that I’m so excited about I almost can’t stand it. I’m even starting to annoy myself with how excited I am, it’s THAT bad.

You might have noticed that I kind of like to hop around in different genres. So far I’ve done Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romantic Suspense, Romantic Mystery/Comedy, Contemporary Romance and now I have an upcoming release on August 11th titled “Bury Me” that is a *drumroll please*……

Psychological Thriller!

I know, crazy.  Literally. I completely understand if you want to throw things at your screen or bang your head against a wall because I sort of pushed a couple other books I’m supposed to be writing back a bit to write this one. I swear I’m not doing it to torture you. I only get a thrill out of torturing my husband, believe me. The ONLY way I know how to write, is to listen to the voices in my head and the story that speaks to me when I sit down at my computer. If I try to write something I’m not feeling at the moment, it will just suck, and no one wants to read something that sucks. At least I hope not.

Before I start to bore you to death with how crazy my head is, how about I show you the cover first and then you can find out more about how this book came to be a little further down in this month’s Q&A? Sound good?  Great!

I am so in love with the cover I sort of want to marry it. Or at the very least, wallpaper my entire house with it.


And the back cover:

Back Cover


Full Summary:

I hear screams in my head.
I see blood on my hands.
When I look in the mirror I see a stranger.

How is it that I can remember bits and pieces of my life, but nothing of any importance and nothing that makes any sense? Everything is twisted and nothing is right. I’m choking with every breath I take, suffocating on the unknown.

Two days ago, everything changed. Two days ago, the people I should trust the most became strangers in my convoluted head. The dreams I have can’t be real. The fleeting memories that whisper through my mind are scary and wrong…they have to be. If they aren’t, I have something much worse to fear than my fractured mind. I need to find out the truth, even if it destroys me.

I’ve been told my name is Ravenna Duskin. I’m eighteen years old and I live in a prison…

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Bury Me


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The winner is: ANGELA DOHERTY!



And now, a few answers to some recent reader questions:

1. “Why do some of your books say Tara and some say T.E.?” – Marie
The first two books I published were romantic comedy. When I decided to write a romantic suspense for my third book, I wanted a way to clearly differentiate between the two very different genres so no one got a few chapters in and was like “Um, this isn’t funny AT ALL.”  As an indie author, a lot of things we do are trial and error as we learn what we’re doing in this business. This pretty much turned into an error and just made things more difficult for me on the business side of things that I won’t explain because it will put you to sleep. Unfortunately, this one book turned into four so I continued publishing those books under T.E. Sivec just to keep them uniform. And then I pretty much killed off T.E. Sivec forever 🙂

2. “Do the story ideas just pop into your mind or a character that you build around?” – Kristin
100% story ideas pop into my head. And then I drive you all crazy when I push other books aside to write that idea instead because I can’t stop thinking about it 🙂

3. “What gave you the idea for Bury me?” – Michelle
I actually first had this idea two years ago. I didn’t feel like I was strong enough as a writer at the time to tackle it, so I took some notes and pushed it aside. For the next two years, I continued to take more notes in between projects, change things around, write a paragraph or two, change it all around again, more notes, etc. etc. etc. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, but something just wasn’t clicking enough for me to actually sit down and write the entire thing. About a month ago, I went on a private tour of the Ohio State Reformatory (if you’ve seen the movie Shawshank Redemption, it was filmed there). Within five minutes of being inside that place, EVERYTHING about this story just clicked. For the entire 2 1/2 hour tour I couldn’t shut up about it, whispering non-stop to my husband so much that I’m sure he wanted to lock me in one of the cells. As soon as we got home that day, I started writing and didn’t stop for 2 weeks.

Thanks for the awesome questions, folks!

One last thing before I go. I thought I’d share some new releases and sales for a few of my author friends to tide you over until August 11th 🙂



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