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Favorite Things


I know I’m not Oprah, but for the time being, I’m going to pretend I am. I have an ambiguously gay BFF just like Gail and I’ve been together with my Stedman since practically birth so it’s almost like Oprah and I are sisters.

Welcome to the sneak peek of Tara’s Favorite Things!!  Just in time for the holidays, I’m going to give you a preview of all of my favorite things that I’ve come across this year that I can’t live without.

Are you sitting down? Are you ready for this? Each week, I’m going to raffle off one of my favorite things for one lucky winner. The winner won’t know what it is until they get it, so it will be like getting an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Christmukkah/Arbor Day gift!


You get a gift! And YOU get a gift! Everyone gets a gift!

Well, not everyone, because I don’t have Oprah’s money, but there will be gifts!

I’ll pause for a moment for shrieking, clapping and all around craziness.

Get your calendars ready because this Friday, November 1st I will be posting the first round of Tara’s Favorite things!

Each Friday for the next 7 weeks, I will be showing you a few of my favorite things at a time. ONE of those things will be raffled off. But like I said, you won’t know which one of those things is being given away! The following Friday, I will announce the winner, and post the new list of favorite things and a new rafflecopter.

(Due to some of the shipping restraints on a few of the items, unfortunately, this is only going to be open for US residents.)

Did you hear that? Weekly gifts! I think I might be more excited about this than all of you! I have a lot of favorite things.  Like, a lot. And they are awesome!

The next 7 Fridays are going to be SWEET!


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