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I’m a little late posting this week’s favorite things giveaway. In case you missed it, PukeFest 2013 was alive and well at our house last week. You’ll be happy to know my house no longer smells like death and puke. I’ve bathed everyone in Lysol and soaked the furniture in bleach.

Soooo, Week 5 included some of my favorite books ever. The winner of my #1 favorite book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson is:

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Jennifer Kreitz-Bernardi!  Congratulations Jennifer!


And now, on to Week 6. There a few little gadgets  I’ve come across in my travels that are total lifesavers when I’m on the go so much. The first one is this:


travel-gadgetsIs this not the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen???  I don’t have a child small enough for one of this babies, but I suddenly wish I did. I would take my kids to every single book signing if I could strap them to my suitcase so they look like they’re in the electric chair ready for execution. And I’m assuming since this luggage is carry-on size, you can just shove the bag and your kid into the overhead compartment and not have to listen to them ask you if we’re there yet nine-thousand times and give them the stare of death every time they kick the seat in front of them.  I’ll have to double check with TSA. It can be found here:        



31UpuJGKvXL._AA160_The next item is something I always carry with me. My iPhone/iPad are always attached to my hand. The battery goes down faster than a hooker at a gang bang. This is the Anker and it’s a portable mini charger the size of a tube of lipstick. It has a USB port and comes with several different attachments to charge whatever device you have. GENIUS! It can be found here:    


Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 1.30.20 PMAnd last but not least, I’m a tiny bit of a jewelry whore. I have bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that match pretty much everything. And of course, I have no clue how to pack light so I pack every single piece of jewelry I own when travel. I’ve tried everything to keep that shit organized and this is the only thing that works. It’s a velvet bag thing that perfectly keeps everything separate so you don’t have to spend six hours untangling all of your necklaces in a hotel room two minutes before you need to leave. It can be found here:      



So, if you’d like to win one of these fabulous prizes, here’s where you enter:

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