Tara’s Favorite Things Week 5!


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Are we really already into week 5???  Holy crap!

As you know, last week’s favorite thing was one of my ULTIMATE favorite things:


I can’t even tell you how excited I was to pick the winner this morning. Without further ado, the winner of a dozen Tara’s Favorite Things cookies, PLUS a $50 gift certificate for book cookies (EEEEEEEP!!!!!) is….

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Okay, on to this week’s favorite things. I know, nothing will be quite as exciting as cookies from Steph, but we’ll just pretend that it is. This week’s theme is books.  


So, you guys know I write funny books, right? And you would probably assume I read a lot of funny books, right? WRONG! I never read funny books. Mostly because I’m a special kind of funny. The kind that should be locked up in a padded cell. So in order for something to make me laugh, it has to be pretty fucking funny. I never laugh out loud when I read books. I may chuckle here and there but that’s about it. I don’t even laugh at the things I write. I don’t think I’m funny, I think I’m just bat shit crazy. <<<But this book right here? Holy mother fucking funny! I really think the author and I should be BFF’s. I’d send her an email and tell her that, but I’m afraid she might think I’m creepy. And then block me from Twitter. And I can’t live without her Twitter or her blog posts.          





Pamela Ribon is the author who made me want to write. She has a blog that I started reading I don’t even know how many years ago and I just love her. She’s hilarious and just awesome. When I first decided to publish Seduction and Snacks, I emailed her. And she actually replied immediately with a bunch of “How To’s” and helpful tips.  Her first book, “Why Girls Are Weird” is still one of my all-time favorites. But this one right here, this one gutted me. Big, fat ugly tears. I also like that she replies to my Tweets. I may or may not have printed them out and kept them all. Totally not creepy.          







Last but not least, this one right here – MIND FUCKERY OF ALL FUCKERIES! I’ve never thrown my Kindle across the room while reading a book. My poor Kindle took a beating while reading this book, but it was all worth it. I read this book in one sitting and had a massive headache when I was finished from not moving, blinking or eating for eight hours. INSANE!   So, three of my all time favorite books, each one extremely different from the others.  We’ll see what kind of mood I’m in next week as to which one the winner will get 😉




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