Tara’s Favorite Things Week 4!


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I can’t believe we’re already into week 4!!  So, if you missed last week’s post, here it is:

And the winner is…

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CATHERINE B. COFFMAN!!!  Congratulations! You have won my absolute favorite thing from last week, a Diamond Candle.  I’ll be emailing you shortly so keep an eye out! I may or may not have just ordered a bajillion of these things. Bajillion is a number, right? Eh, whatever. There is a diamond ring in EVERY CANDLE!  If you didn’t win, you should really go to the website and buy one. Or a bajillion. Tell them I said it’s a real number.






Okay, now on to this week’s favorite things. I’m going to do this week a little different. I know I usually give you three things and then it’s a surprise the following week on what the winner receives. But this week, I just can’t contain my excitement! This week’s prize is just too awesome for me to keep a secret. Seriously. Are you sitting down for this? You should probably be sitting down. With your feet up. Do it. I’ll wait.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me rave about the awesomeness of this prize and the woman who creates them. I love her so much I wish I could make her really tiny,  stick her in my pocket and take her everywhere with me. But since that’s probably impossible since I don’t have a Harry Potter wand and her husband might frown upon that, I guess I’ll just have to stick with loving her from afar. This week’s Tara’s Favorite Thing is:

Cookies by Sweets by Steph!

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EEEEEEEEEP!!!!  Not only will the winner receive a dozen of these ADORABLE Tara’s Favorite Things cookies, they’ll also receive a $50 gift certificate for book themed cookies!  OMG!!!!!  Didn’t I tell you how awesome Sweets by Steph is?! I hope you’ve already liked her Facebook page. If not, here it is: And in case you live under a rock and you haven’t seen her book themed cookies, here are a few pictures.

384308_10152123799725293_1246813085_n 1376457_598112776901235_1802083633_n 1391564_601249599920886_2099621072_n                  











I’m a little strange, I’ve kept all of my cookies. I’m not kidding. Some of them are over a year old and they are still PERFECT! I needed a new way to display them so I got the genius idea to buy a shoe display thingy for them. Yep, I have shoe rack cookies. But don’t be weird like me. If you win them – EAT THEM! They are delicious.










So, in review, go tell Sweets by Steph how awesome she is and “like” her Facebook page. And then come back here and enter to win her cookies!

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