Tara’s Favorite Things – Week 1!


Favorite Things

This week is all about beauty!  Below are a few of my “can’t live without” items that I take everywhere with me.  Make sure to enter the rafflecopter at the bottom. One of these items will be given away to one lucky winner next Friday!

aveda hairspray


Aveda Control Force Hairspray

I love this stuff so much that now my husband uses it. And I want to cut him for using my expensive shit!  But, it’s awesome hairspray and doesn’t make your hair look like you stepped out of 1985 with Aqua Net hair that wouldn’t even budge in a hurricane.





aveda lightAveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid

Just pretend the word “fluid” isn’t in the title. There are no body fluids in this product. At least I don’t think so. Eh, whatev. Even if it’s made with whale sperm I’d still use it. As you all probably know, my hair changes color like every week. This stuff is a MIRACLE on my dry hair. One tiny little drop (of whale sperm) on your hand and then smoothed through your hair makes it sooooooo shiny.





Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.05.23 AMSephora Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

If I could live at Sephora, I would. I picked up this stuff because there was a sign by it that said “The concealer the stars use!” Well, I’ve decided I’m a star and I’m using this shit! This stuff is awesome. One teeny, tiny little dot will cover half your face. Even if someone drew a penis on your face with a Sharpie, this stuff would cover it.





Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lip Color

When it says on the packaging that this stuff lasts for 24 hours – believe it! I wake up the next morning and this stuff is still on my lips and I don’t look like a drunk clown or a hooker after a gang bang.




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