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In case you missed the news, I was in New Orleans this past weekend for a book signing. I had an AMAZING time and I can’t wait to go back, although I think my liver might need a few months to recover.

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Here are the things I learned while in NOLA:

1. You wake up smelling like booze & bad choices every morning. Even if you had no booze the night before. Or made any bad choices.

2. Beth Ehemann keeps better things under her pillow than I do. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

3. Sarah Hansen and I are way better looking than Kirsten Dunst according to our Blackjack dealer. So you know it’s true.

4. If you’re a homeless man with Herpes and Hep C, my husband will give you money and shake your hand and then walk around with his hands away from his body until he can find hand sanitizer. Every fucking time.

5. Never go to the bathroom with Christina Collie. Ever.

6. If you go on a voodoo/ghost tour and your guide can make fog appear and then when it’s over she disappears when you turn around…shit, I don’t know. I’m still freaked out over this.

7. Tressa Sager will take a sip of hot chocolate, burn her mouth and curse, then continue repeating the process and be surprised it’s so hot each time.

8. It’s Kristen Proby‘s fault that I have a new purse addiction.

9. Elizabeth Ellis will vault over a table & cut your mother if you roll your eyes at me. You’ve been warned.

10. Jenn Cooksey and I were clearly separated at birth.

11. Robin Stranahan gives great Brony.

12. New Orleans fans are AMAZING!!!

Don’t be sad you missed all the fun, I’ve got a NOLA-themed giveaway for 2 lucky winners!!!

1. A copy of Watch Over Me signed by all the authors/NOLA Swag

2. NOLA Swag

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Winners will be announced this Friday!

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