New Release From Tara Sivec + Reader Questions Answered!


Hello, everyone!  Worth the Trip (A Fisher’s Light Companion Novella) is now LIVE and it’s only 99 pennies!!!  I’m still waiting for iBooks, but you can get it everywhere else for now. As you can see by the title, Worth the Trip is a companion novella to Fisher’s Light and should only be read AFTER you’ve finished Fisher’s Light.






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The winner for April is….JENN MOONEY!  Congratulations, Jenn and thank you to all the subscribers!

Okay, on to something fun. I’ve received a few reader questions recently so I thought I’d answer some of them now.

1. What is your favorite part of writing? What is the part you loathe during the writing process? – Valerie
My favorite part of writing is when I hit “that moment”. The one where everything just comes together and it’s all I can do to type as fast as the thoughts in my mind. It usually takes me about 10 chapters or so to get to this point, to start living and breathing the story and for the characters to become real people in my mind. The part I loathe the most is writing a summary or blurb. I hate it! I put it off until the last possible second!  Trying to sum up your entire story in a few sentences is the worst torture ever! I would rather write 15 books than one little blurb!

2. How do you pick the character’s names? – Jade
Baby naming websites LOL!  For my main hero and heroine, always baby naming websites! For the secondary characters, they are almost always people I know or have met in real life.

3. When you’re writing, do you listen to music or have to have background noise, or do you need complete silence? – Christina
Usually, I need complete silence. I will make a playlist before I write the book and use that for inspiration while I’m plotting the story, but when I sit down to write, music is too distracting for me. Unless I’m writing sex scenes! Sex scenes always need a little mood music and the one song that is always on repeat during those scenes is Bloodstream by Stateless. Just thinking about that song makes me want to go and write a sex scene! I have a “Bangin'” playlist on Spotify that makes me all warm and tingly:
My Superman by Santigold
Closer by Nine Inch Nails
Boiling Point by Au Revoir Simone

4. What’s your favorite TV show – Marie
My husband and I have become addicted to Last Man on Earth. It’s new on Fox on Sunday nights and it’s sad how giddy we get on Sunday nights!

5. What were your kids first words? – Julianne
Sadly, nothing exciting! They both said mom first. Now, first swear word? Those are much better. My daughter called my mom a bitch at Thanksgiving dinner because she wouldn’t give her another dinner roll. And my son dropped the F bomb. But not on purpose. Whenever he said the word fork…well, you can only imagine. And clearly we made him ask for a fork whenever we could just so we could laugh like idiots. #parentingwin

And that’s it for reader questions! If you ever have any of your own, feel free to send them to me!

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Worth the Trip!






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