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Cover Reveal!



Who wants some candy?!




For the full summary, click HERE or look under Troubles and Treats¬†in Books at the top of the page! ūüôā


T-Shirts and TaTa’s


I’ve gotten some random suggestions here, on Twitter and on Facebook for the title to Drew and Jenny’s next book. ¬†Feel free to post your ideas here. ¬†If I like it and decide to use it – winner, winner, chicken dinner! ¬†I’ll buy you something. Something cool, because that’s how I roll.

There’s still time to enter the rafflecopter for the signed books giveaway so get on the stick!

And, I updated my T.E. Sivec page with the full summary for my romantic suspense book coming out soon. ¬†Book cover has been ordered and I’m one step closer to publishing it! ¬†I also added a Goodreads page for T.E. Sivec so go friend me. ¬†I need friends. ¬†Be my friend or else.

Have a good weekend everyone. ¬†Do everything I would do but make sure you invite strippers. ¬†They’re fun to hang out with, or so I’ve heard. ¬†From a friend.


Dumb and Dumber…er, I mean Drew and Jenny


Sooooo, I’m hard at work trying to write Drew and Jenny’s book. ¬†This will be the final chapter in the Chocolate Lover’s Series. ¬†Group hug and fondle! ¬†I’ll be sad to see these characters go, but I think after this book there won’t be any story left to tell.

Hopefully I can quit my job soon so I can just sit and write all day. ¬†This going to work every day can suck it. ¬†I’m hoping to have the book out in time for Christmas so you all can buy yourself something nice ūüôā ¬†But don’t hold me to that. ¬†I’m still trying to come up with a title for Drew and Jenny’s book. ¬†Right now the winner (thanks to Christina) is “Thesaurus and T-Shirts” LOL!

In the meantime, if you haven’t been to the T.E. Sivec portion of this website yet – check it out. ¬†T.E. Sivec is the pen name for the non-comedy books I’ll be publishing, along with a¬†teeny tiny summary of the first book in a series of 4 that is currently with beta readers ūüôā

Also – check out the home page here for a Rafflecopter giveaway of signed copies of S&S and F&F!

Love to all my awesome readers!


Authors Against Bullying Campaign 2012


I posted about this on Facebook this morning, but if you haven’t seen it, go check out the blog:

October is Anti-Bullying month.  In honor, a bunch of authors Рmyself included Рhave gotten together with the help of the Just My Opinion blog to join the fight against bullying.  Each day, a new author and their anti-bullying message will be featured on the site so make sure you check it every day.  Additionally, there is a HUGE book giveaway that you can sign up for and you can enter the giveaway once a day.  Yet another reason to check out the blog daily this month!

Thanks everyone!


Who Wants a Vagina Shirt?


Did you know I have a Cafepress store? ¬†Yep! ¬†You too can own a “Slutbag McFuckstick” coffee mug. ¬†Just go to the Announcements section on this page and there is a link that will take you to the store. ¬†If there’s something you’d like to own that isn’t there, let me know and I will make it happen.


Winner of the Twitter Followers Giveaway!

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Thank you to all 588 of you who entered the Rafflecopter giveaway!  The winner is Valerie Potjeau!!!

She is the winner of an Amazon Gift card and her choice of an item from my Cafepress store!

Congratultions Valerie!


I’m Giving It Away!










No, not my vagina. Not this time at least.

Seduction and Snacks is currently on sale over at Amazon for 99 cents for a limited time!

Yes, you heard me correctly. Unless you have a penis in your ear and it sounded like “Boob reductions and spanks are mine and mine for an infected mime.”

In that case, sorry mimes. You’re stuck in a box with boobs and VD.

In summary, take the penis out of your ear and tell your friends. Do it for the mimes.

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