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I’m just going to take a moment here and bore you with something – my brain. It’s a very, very crazy place to live. I have a writing schedule of about 6 books I need to get out this year and instead of focusing on those, I go off and write something completely new, like Fisher’s Light. I know some people are waiting for more Chocolate Lovers and others are waiting for the 3rd and final book in the Ignite Trilogy and still others are keeping their fingers crossed for the first book in the CageVec Security series and I just want to apologize now if they don’t come out as quickly as I hoped. They’re still coming, I PROMISE!

It’s not that I don’t WANT to write the other books I need to get busy on, it’s not that I don’t LOVE those books and and want to bring their stories to life, it’s that I have a crazy brain. Even though I know I have a book (or several books) that I need to finish before I start something new, my brain just doesn’t work that way. If an idea comes to me, I have to get it out or I’ll go even more insane than I already am 😉  Fisher’s Light came to me in a dream and I became completely obsessed with the story of Lucy and Fisher. I stopped everything I was working on just to get it out of my head. It was and still is a standalone book. It will not be a series. So, why, you ask am I now working on something called Worth the Trip???


This is NOT a continuation of Fisher’s Light. You will still need to read Fisher’s Light before you read Worth the Trip, but I repeat, it is not a continuation. It is fully titled “Worth the Trip (A Fisher’s Light Companion Novella). Let’s call it a prequel novella. If you’ve read Fisher’s Light, you were introduced to Trip Fisher, one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. As I wrote Fisher’s Light, Trip became a real person to me. A real man with a past and regrets and things he wants to fix before he dies. I became obsessed with Trip and his entire life flashed before my eyes. This book is about Trip’s life. You’ll find out how he met and fell in love with his wife and how the choices he made shaped him into the 83 year old man you met in Fisher’s Light.

I have to write what speaks to me. I need to have passion for what I’m working on or it will show in my writing. Right now, I am incredibly passionate about Trip Fisher. I love you all so much for going on the Fisher’s Light journey with me and I hope you’ll follow me with Trip’s story!

Worth the Trip will be out on May 4th.  You can add it to Goodreads here:
Worth the Trip (A Fisher's Light Companion Novella)


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